Hindustani Classical Music

chaaDo chaaDo chela mori baiyaa

This composition is a bandish ki Thumri from the Gwalior school. I am not sure who the composer is (if you know, please drop me a line). As a young lad, Krishna is known to have been extremely mischievous and a big flirt. He was always teasing and tormenting all the young women in the village. In this bandish, a young woman begs him to let go of her wrist, which he has grabbed hold of. She rebukes him, though somewhat indulgently, for his shamelessness and lack of concern for what people will say.

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Indian notation follows Western notation. For a guide to the notations, please read my Notation page.

Western notation for chaaDo chaaDo chela mori baiyaa

Indian notation for chaaDo chaaDo chela mori baiyaa