Raag Hindustani
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Compositions in Raag Jog

Raag Jog uses both the natural and flat third notes, which gives it an extremely enchanting quality. The traditional time alloted to this raga is past midnight or very late at night. This raga belongs to the Kafi thaat. Its vadi (most important note) is ma, and samvadi (second most important note) is Sa. Raag Jog's aaroh and avaroh (ascending & descending scales) are as follows:

Scale: Jog

Below is a simple composition (bandish) in Raag Jog.

1. Sajan more ghar aaye

This composition is a chota khayal by Faiyaz Khan. It is sung from the perspective of a woman who is joyfully preparing for her beloved husband's return by decorating the house and singing auspicious songs to welcome him home.

Sajan more ghar aaye (key B)

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