Hindustani Classical Music

This website is solely for educational purposes and not for profit. I have made an enormous personal investment of time and energy in building it, motivated only by my love for Hindustani classical music. Before technology made it possible to share music in the form of digital information, this glorious tradition was unknown to most of the world. Now that people can access any music they like from the comfort of their homes, the prospects for Hindustani classical music are brighter too. But there is another factor that still limits its popularity - its complexity, which makes it hard for those who are unfamiliar with it to really understand or relate to it. Through my website, I hope to make this ravishingly beautiful tradition of music more accessible to everyone by demystifying it to some extent.

First of all, I thank all the artists whose work I have used in my website as well as every other artist in the Hindustani classical music tradition. Your sublime music is a source of unending inspiration to so many of us.
   I also thank all the original posters of the videos and audios other than my own that are on this site. I have embedded these in the good faith that the original posters own all the relevant copyrights to the work in question or have the permission of the rightful copyright owners. In other words, no copyright violations are intentional on my part. If you feel that your rights have been violated due to any of the material posted on my site, please do let me know and I will remove the offending material.
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With the exception of videos and audios clearly credited to someone else, everything on this website including the text, images, notations, audios and videos are the products of my original work, to which I own the copyrights. Feel free to quote or share, but without altering and only for noncommercial purposes. Please also make an attribution to Sādhana and provide a link to the relevant page on my website. I would also appreciate if you could drop me a line telling me how and where you have used my work.

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