Raag Hindustani
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Compositions in Raag Kedar

Raag Kedar is serene at slower paces but becomes lively and playful as the tempo rises. It is traditionally performed from late evening to midnight. This raga belongs to the Kalyan thaat. Its vadi (most important note) is ma, and samvadi (second most important note) is Sa. Raag Kedar's aaroh and avaroh (ascending & descending scales) are as follows:

Scale: Kedar

Below are a few simple compositions (bandish) in Raag Kedar.

1. Soch samajh man meet piyarava

This composition is a drut khayal by Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande. It is a homily of sorts, which is relatively rare in a bandish. The poet reminds himself that he must mend his ways and find his true guide now, because time is running out with every passing moment.

Soch samajh man meet piyarava (key B♭)

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2. Kanha re nand nandan

This composition is an old drut khayal from the Gwalior gharana. It describes Krishna as the son of Nand, the supremely trancendental being, the one with a beautiful necklace of beads and gemstones around his neck, the one who delights all the girls of Brij.

Kanha re nand nandan (key A♭)

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