Hindustani Classical Music

bola bola mose nanda kuvaravaa

This composition is a bandish by ShankarRao Vyas. It addresses Krishna, who in his youth was a cowherd in the district of Brij. He was known to play the flute with consummate skill, and was utterly charming and irresistible to all the young women of Brij. The bandish appears to have been written from the perspective of one such adoring young woman, who beseeches Krishna to entertain her with his sweet conversation. She then describes how delightful he is and does not wonder that everyone in Brij is smitten by him.

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Indian notation follows Western notation. For a guide to the notations, please read my Notation page.

Western notation for bola bola mose nanda kuvaravaa

Indian notation for bola bola mose nanda kuvaravaa