Hindustani Classical Music

kaliyana sanga karataa ranga-raliyaa

This composition is a bandish by Kiniwale Ram. As usual with compositions in Raag Bahaar, it celebrates the beauty of spring. This bandish has a strong folk flavor to it and should be sung at a lively pace with vigor. The poet here describes bees flirting with the new buds, the gardens in full bloom, peacocks calling and koels singing everywhere, trees laden with blossoms waving in the breeze, women out in groups to bring back water from the river. All this, the poet says, gladdens his heart.

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Indian notation follows Western notation. For a guide to the notations, please read my Notation page.

Western notation for kaliyana sanga karataa ranga-raliyaa

Indian notation for kaliyana sanga karataa ranga-raliyaa